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Why Children Should Read Islamic Books on Earlier Age

Why Children Should Read Islamic Books on Earlier Age

Oleh SLC | Rabu, 29 Januari 2020 13:24 WIB | 41105 Views

Asw, how to elaborated your children brain and age. This is how we have to be smart in choosing good books for the children morality.

* HOW TO CHOOSE READING * After we realize the importance of a story, we now move on to the next question: how to choose a book or a good reading? * First, Choose a Book According to the Age of Children * Of course children under five will have different book choices than children who are already in elementary school. Likewise, it is almost impossible for elementary school children to be interested in simple toddler reading books. Why? Of course because their way of thinking (cognition) is different. For toddlers, choose a reading book with a little written but full of pictures (Wordless Picture Book) * Second, Avoid Books that Contain Aqidah Destructive Stories * What I mean by aqidah destroyer are books related to magic, ghosts, gods and things like that. Unfortunately, stories like this do have a very strong appeal. Therefore, assistance to children is very necessary. Without coercion, give an understanding to children why a book that although interesting, is not worthy of being chosen because of the aqeedah damage that can be caused. Including traditional stories that are not educational. For example about a child who loves his own mother and that kind of thing. Let it be, later when he is an adult, children know for themselves traditional stories. But his golden age in childhood will quickly pass, so Father and Mother focus on books that contain examples of noble morality. However, avoid books that seem patronizing. Besides being boring, patronizing books tend to make children lose their spirit of freedom and creativity. * Third, Choose a Book on the Lives of Prophets and Friends * As we have discussed, it is very important to introduce the lives of the Prophets and Friends early on. Unfortunately, books like this are very limited in number. That, too, is mostly presented without attractive packaging. However it should not prevent us from presenting the best versions of the books as we can. Remember, our goals are big and noble. It is impossible to achieve this without struggle. Teaching the lives of the Prophets is the same as teaching the contents of the Qur'an to children. So this type of book is indeed extraordinary. Too bad many of us do not want to bother to have it. Try checking at our house, our brother's house, or our friend's house. How many of them already have and read the stories of the Prophet and Companions to their children. * Fourth, As an Additional May Choose Neutral Books but Still in Accordance with Islamic Morality * Remember, as the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam said, that knowledge and wisdom actually belong to every Muslim, so look for it and take it wherever we find it. Considering Islamic books are still far less than general books, we can just use public books that are useful to teach Islamic morality such as high motivation, never give up and others. As long as the conditions are that: do not violate aqidah. In my opinion, if the child already knows the story of the Messenger of Allah and his companions, the child may be introduced to great figures of the world such as Thomas Alva Edison, Napoleon Bonaparte, and others. There is a lot of wisdom in their lives. For young children, good fairy tale animals can be conveyed as long as they do not violate our morality and especially our aqeedah.

(Source: Eka Wardhana dan Ade Yulia Fitri - Translated by Google).

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